About the Book

For an art historian to delve into writing about historic preservation is one thing, but turning to such topics of the environment, local politics and parenting, was an unexpected and welcome departure.   

The letters and opinion pieces express positions on issues that many communities confront, struggle with and continue to be challenged by today. They cover topics such as the ongoing transformation of cities with new buildings and neighborhoods; controversial environmental issues; quandaries over ethics in museum management; and discussions about historic preservation of homes and buildings. The writer artfully weaves diverse stories about museums, historic homes, and athletic fields; topics that resonate throughout many of our communities.

There are also musings on competitive helicopter parenting, and on local Connecticut politics.  At their core, the letters and opinion pieces are not just a personal anthology, but also an historical record, chronicling the news and issues of the time.  The writer’s outlook may be skeptical and wry at times, but also pragmatic and hopeful.  Behind a sardonic tone is a voice of heartfelt opinions on issues this author cares deeply about.